Charms of Charleston

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Up to 2 Hrs.

2 Miles

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$20 kids

What to Expect

"Come quickly. Have found heaven."

Telegram from Artist Alfred Hutty to his wife in New York upon arrival in Charleston, 1920

Charleston is a place so special that it almost defies description. Maybe that’s why famed artist Alfred Hutty used so few words to explain his impression of Charleston. He knew it was best experienced in person.

How can we possibly describe all of the thoughts and feelings that pour over us as we walk 300 year-old streets with the scent of jasmine drifting by, wondering about the lives of the people who lived and worked in the buildings still standing today? We could live a lifetime in Charleston and still not have enough words to tell all the stories Charleston has to share, or to accurately convey the way being here makes us feel.

There are dozens of tours out there that use a lot of words to describe the facts and figures of Charleston, its history, people, and culture.

But you want more than words, because you know that words fail. You don’t want to just hear about Charleston. You want to experience Charleston. You need to heed the words of Alfred Hutty.

That’s why you need to take a Knowitall Charleston walking tour.


This Charleston Walking Tour is Always Exploring, Never Boring

A Knowitall tour isn’t your typical Charleston walking tour. Every tour will give you facts and figures about the city and its history. But only a Knowitall tour will connect it all together in an experience that not only increases your knowledge, but also expands your understanding of what makes Charleston special and why it has attracted people for 350 years.

Below, you can check out some highlights of the places you’ll see. We’ll visit each of these places (and more) with these goals in mind…

  • Learning some of the interesting stories these places have to share
  • Giving you an appreciation for how they fit into the grand history of Charleston
  • Giving you an experience you’ll want to share with others

Taking a Knowitall tour means that you’ll be left with the same enthusiasm Alfred Hutty had for sharing Charleston with others. It also means that you’ll have a greater appreciation and understanding of Charleston’s history, people, and culture. 

And when you use your newfound enthusiasm, knowledge, and understanding to share your personal experience of Charleston with others, they just might call you… a Knowitall

Departure Details

The tour will leave from the US Custom House at 200 East Bay St. at the time you select.

We ask that you please try to arrive at least 10 minutes before departure time.

You can meet your guide at the left-hand corner of the main steps on Bay Street.

charleston walking tour, virtual tour, custom house

Stops Along the Way

charleston walking tour, virtual tour, custom house
Start from the beginning
US Custom House
One of the most prominent buildings in all of Charleston is where our adventure begins. We'll set the backdrop for your tour of Charleston, and you'll hear a little about the unique history of the Custom House and its special location in the city.
Start from the beginning
charleston walking tour, virtual tour, waterfront park
Pirates and a Pineapple!
Waterfront Park
This is one of the most picturesque spots in the city. Here, we'll take advantage of the view, the breeze, and the shade, as you learn about the Golden Age of Piracy and the amazing true story of Robert Smalls. Don't forget a pic in front of the Pineapple Fountain!
Pirates and a Pineapple!
charleston walking tour, virtual tour, old exchange
One of America's Most Important Buildings
The Old Exchange
The Old Exchange was the last public building built by the British before the American Revolution. But that's not the only thing that makes it special. We'll enjoy some more shade while you learn about the amazing history of the building and stand in footsteps of countless of America's enslaved people.
One of America's Most Important Buildings
charleston walking tour, virtual tour, rainbow row street level
A Legacy of Historic Preservation
Rainbow Row
No trip to Charleston is complete without seeing the iconic homes of Rainbow Row. But you'll do more than just walk past them, you'll learn about what makes them a unique and why they are so important in the history of historic preservation in Charleston and America.
A Legacy of Historic Preservation
charleston walking tour, virtual tour, battery
Up the Battery!
The Battery
Take a moment to enjoy the best views of Charleston harbor and some of the city's most prominent homes. Feel the sea breeze and hear how people have stood witness to the first American victory over the British Navy, and the first shots of the American Civil War from that very spot. Afterwards, we'll take a stroll through one of Charleston's most charming, but often missed, alleyways.
Up the Battery!
charleston walking tour, virtual tour, st michaels
Charleston's most famous intersection
The Four Corners of Law
The intersection of Meeting and Broad Streets is where Charleston's past, present, and future all intersect. You'll learn about the landmark buildings here and how the intersection got its famous name.
Charleston's most famous intersection
charleston walking tours, virtual tours, philadelphia alley
Brotherly love?
Philadelphia Alley
In Charleston's most famous alley, you'll hear the story of one of the city's most infamous and tragic pistol duels. You'll have an opportunity to connect with the history of Charleston's enslaved people in a unique way.
Brotherly love?

but wait, there's more!

No, seriously, there is a lot more on this Charleston walking tour! Those are just some of the stops you’ll make, and just a small sample of all of the amazing things you’re going to learn and experience. And of course– we’ll answer all of your questions! 

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