Laura Bragg — Museum Pioneer

laura bragg charleston museum directorMeet a woman who did so much to bring the experience of Charleston to anyone she could reach– Laura Bragg.

Laura became the first woman to ever lead a publicly funded museum in America when she took over the role of Director of the Charleston Museum in 1920.⁠⠀
Bragg did so much to expand the reach of the Charleston museum and education in Charleston. Among her accomplishments were the opening of the museum to African Americans, the establishment of the Free Library, co-founding the Poetry Society of South Carolina, and the creation of her “Bragg Boxes.”⁠⠀
Her Bragg Boxes were basically “exhibits in a box” that were curated by her and freely distributed to ALL schools, regardless of race. ⁠⠀
Our homeschool followers will find this inspiring– Bragg was educated at home until High School, and always valued education.⁠⠀
Oh, and she was also a passionate preservationist. If you’ve ever visited the Heyward-Washington House, you have Laura Bragg to thank for that, who raised the money to buy the home, restore the first floor to its original plan, and opened it to the public in 1931.⁠⠀
Laura Bragg is an inspiration for a lot of what we do at Knowitall, and one Instagram post can’t possibly do her justice. You should really read the great post from the Charleston Museum just about her and check out their current special exhibit, dedicated to her. It’s definitely worth your time.⁠⠀

Below, you can check out a cool slider wee set up so you can see what the Charleston Museum looked like when Bragg was its Director, and what it looks like now… in Cannon park, after the museum burned down in 1981, two years after Bragg’s passing, and just after it moved to its current location on Meeting Street.⠀

charleston museum IMG-1424
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