Some Brief Irish History of Charleston

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Irish Charlestonians have long had a significant impact on the history of the city, state, and country. As a result, Charleston created this memorial to Ireland at the end of Charlotte St. in a lovely public park on the water. Here are some highlights of Irish history in Charleston… ⁠⠀
🍀The Hibernian Society was founded on this day in 1801. They still operate today out of Hibernian Hall on Meeting Street.⁠ This was also the site of the blow-up between Kathryn and Ashley on “Southern Charm.” 😂⁠⠀
🍀Edward Rutledge, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and John Rutledge, signer of the Constitution and South Carolina’s only President, were both of Irish descent. ⁠⠀
🍀Charleston has had 7 Irish mayors, including Joe Riley, Charleston’s longest-serving mayor.⁠⠀
🍀Samuel Cardy, who designed and built St. Michael’s Church, was Irish.⁠⠀
🍀St. Matthew’s Church, although Lutheran, was designed by an Irishman.⁠⠀
🍀Irish and French Catholics founded the first Catholic parish in Charleston, St. Mary of the Annunciation, in 1789.⁠⠀
🍀Bishop England (the high school’s namesake) built the first Cathedral in Charleston, which burned in 1861, but was in the same location as the current Cathedral of St. John the Baptist on Broad St.⁠⠀
On this Feast of St. Patrick, let’s all raise a glass to the sons and daughters of Ireland who have made their mark on Charleston, and continue to have an impact today! 

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